Carlos sits with his youngest children during Muertos Dinner. His son has his face painted and his daughter wears a headband of marigold flowers.

A Traditional Día de Muertos in Atzompa with Coyote Aventuras

Like the spirits in the night, we’re guided by the cempasúchil (marigold) flowers along a path that leads us to the most mesmerizing altar I’ve ever seen. We’re at the house of Paco and his family, who are one of several clay artisans in Atzompa. We’ve been invited to participate in a traditional Día de Muertos celebration with Coyote Aventuras.
At one Oaxaca hostel, a striking portrait of a woman is painted on the back wall. In the foreground are tall cactus and a small pond.

Oaxaca Hostels: 12 Best Hostels in Oaxaca

If you’ve poked around this website a bit, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that I love Oaxaca City. I’ve spent over three months in the city this year alone. As a result, I’ve personally stayed at every single one…
A panoramic view of the blue infinity pool at Hierve el Agua with surrounding mountains.

Hierve el Agua, Oaxaca: How to Visit Mexico’s Petrified Waterfalls

Imagine swimming in an infinity pool of natural spring water on the top of a cliff with endless views of the surrounding mountains. To your right is a beautiful petrified waterfall that cascades into the valley below, appearing as if it has been frozen in time. This is the gorgeous scene at Hierve el Agua, Oaxaca.
A black a white life-size sketch of a skull and rabbit decorate the wall of mezcal distillery El Conejo in Santa Catarina de Minas. In front area pile of roasted agaves.

Oaxaca Mezcal Tour – From Field to Bottle

Oaxaca is the paradise of mezcal. And if you’ve been in the city for a few days, you’ve probably started to see it for yourself. It’s the dominant liquor on most cocktail lists and there are even entire bars, called…
Sunlight illuminates the patio and plants at one of the best restaurants in Oaxaca.

35 Restaurants In Oaxaca You Need Try

Oaxaca has long been celebrated for its rich culture. And one place that is best expressed is in its food. The best restaurants in Oaxaca have discovered a way to bring exquisite modernity to the traditional food of the region. …


Colorful buildings with brightly colored accents, wood details, and tropical plants line the street in Cartagena, Colombia.

15 Best Things To Do in Cartagena, Colombia

As the most visited city in Colombia, Cartagena is a tourist mecca. With that comes overpriced taxis and tour offers from every direction. But this colonial gem is still a must visit. Some of the best things to do in…
Colorful street view of homes in Cartagena with tropical plants spilling over the balconies and gas lanterns

Where to Stay in Cartagena, Colombia

So the Caribbean jewel of Colombia has lured you in and now you’re wondering where to stay in Cartagena? As Colombia’s main tourist destination, you won’t be short on options. However, you’re probably asking yourself, what is the best area to stay in Cartagena? The answer is, it depends.
A distanced view of Jardin, Colombia with mountain peaks in the background from atop the cable car.

Jardin, Colombia: A Weekend From Medellin

Somewhere along your travels you’ve been told you must visit Jardin, Colombia. But what is there to do in this small town near Medellin? How long should you stay? Read the ultimate travel guide to learn everything you need to know to plan the perfect stay in Jardin.
A ramp leads up the back of Casa Terracota with a decorative clay crocodile form through the middle that leads to an arch.

Casa Terracota: An Oddity in Villa de Leyva

Discover the history and conception of this amazing architectural masterpiece in Villa de Leyva, Colombia. Built solely out of clay, it is a truly sustainable home. There is no rebar, concrete, or other man-made materials and even the furniture is created from the earth.
A long swatch of limestone rock forms the riverbed along the Rio Claro which has carved deep ridges in the rockface.

Rio Claro, Colombia: A True Eco Lodge Near Medellin

Rio Claro, Colombia is a private nature reserve in Antioquia located three hours southeast of Medellin. It’s a popular way to escape the city and immerse yourself in nature. Rio Claro, which translates to “clear river,” flows through a marble canyon that has been shaped by the water over thousands of years. It provides a striking backdrop to base yourself in nature for a few days. Its magnificence is further enhanced by the beauty of the surrounding tropical rainforest.
A landscape view of vibrant green rolling hills and mountain peaks surrounding Jerico, a day trip from Medellin

10 Epic Weekend and Day Trips From Medellin

The verdant green valleys that surround Medellin, Colombia, the city of eternal spring, are home to incredible small towns that are great for day and weekend trips from Medellin.