How to Buy Frida Kahlo Museum Tickets Even If It’s Sold Out

Are Frida Kahlo Museum tickets sold out and now you’re wondering what to do? 

After making a last minute trip to Mexico City, I found myself in a similar situation. But fortunately there are several options to buy Frida Kahlo museum tickets, each of which I’ll cover in detail.

The Frida Kahlo Museum is undoubtedly one of Mexico City’s most popular attractions, drawing visitors to immerse themselves in the life and art of the iconic artist. 

If you find yourself facing the disappointment of sold out tickets, fear not – there are still ways to experience Casa Azul in Mexico City.

Let’s go over each one so that you can decide which is best for you.

Tree outside the Frida Kahlo Museum in Mexico City.

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What to Do When Frida Kahlo Museum Tickets are Sold Out

If you’re unable to find tickets available to Frida Kahlo’s house through their website, here are three alternative options.

1. Buy Frida Kahlo Tickets Online Using a Different Platform

If Frida Kahlo Museum tickets are sold out, you can buy tickets here a few days in advance.

Yes, the price is higher to use their service. But if you’re buying Frida Kahlo Museum tickets last minute, it’s the next best option.

Keep in mind, you’ll still need some flexibility in your schedule. When you buy tickets through this method, you’ll have first access to the museum at 10:30 am (a bonus!) But since the Frida Kahlo Museum hours are 11 am – 6 pm on Wednesdays, that day is unavailable entirely.

Visitors queue outside Frida Kahlo Museum, showcasing its popularity.

2. Book a Frida Kahlo Tour

If you want to make the most of your time in CDMX, I recommend you book a Frida Kahlo Museum tour that includes tickets to the Blue House.

These Frida Kahlo tours are often available less than a week in advance. Which is great if you find yourself planning last minute. 

Some of these tours also include round trip transportation to the museum. I’ve detailed the best options below.

1. Frida Kahlo Tour: Skip the line, Bikes & Churros in Coyoacan
The best way to immerse yourself in the life of the artist is to explore the neighborhood she grew up in. When you book this Coyoacan and Frida Kahlo bike tour, you’ll visit the market to eat churros and other snacks while learning about Frida. Then you’ll be able to explore Casa Azul at your own pace.

Prefer to walk instead? Book this Coyoacan Walking Tour with churros and Frida Kahlo Museum tickets.

2. Frida Museum, Coyoacan and Xochimilco Full Day Tour
Visit three of the most popular attractions in Mexico City when you book this Casa Azul, Coyoacan, and Xochimilco tour which includes transportation from Mexico City.

3. Private Tour: Frida Kahlo Museum, Coyoacan, and Xochimilco
If you’re traveling as a group that wants to explore Coyoacan, Casa Azul, and Xochimilco, book this private Frida Kahlo experience to help you to maximize your time in the city.

Exterior view of the Terrace at the Frida Kahlo Museum in Mexico City, showcasing the garden in museum.

Want to discover more of this area of CDMX? Check out my top picks for a Xochimilco boat tour

3. Visit other Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera Attractions

If you still find yourself unable to get Casa Azul tickets, consider visiting other attractions to learn about Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera. 

  • Museo Casa Estudio Diego Rivera y Frida Kahlo (map) – The house and studio of Rivera and Kahlo, located in the neighborhood of San Angel
  • Leon Trotsky Museum (map) – Located just north of the museum is the former home of the controversial communist leader who had an affair with the artist.
  • Anahuacalli Museum (map) – This Mexico City museum features Rivera’s private collection of Mesoamerican artifacts.
  • Diego Rivera Murals – There are several places to see his famous murals in Mexico City, many of which are located in centro.

Plus there are many other places to visit in Coyoacán, one of the most vibrant neighborhoods in Mexico City which was home to the iconic artist.

By exploring these alternate attractions, you can still make the most of your time in Mexico City, even if Frida Kahlo Museum tickets are sold out.

Kitchen in Casa Azul, home of Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera, showcasing vibrant tiles and unique decor.

Visiting Frida Kahlo House: Things to Know About Casa Azul

So you’ve already discovered it’s a good idea to plan in advance or you risk the chance that Frida Kahlo Museum tickets are sold out. But what else should you know about visiting the Frida Kahlo house?

  • Arrive at least 15 minutes early. Not only do you want to give a buffer in case you are late, but it allows for a relaxed arrival to get in line.
  • Anahuacalli Museum – Your ticket also gives you access to one of the other top museums in Mexico City, so make sure you plan time to visit if it interests you.
  • If you want to take pictures inside the museum (even with your cell phone), you will need to pay 30 pesos when you enter the museum.
  • On the patio near the garden is a short movie that features photos of the artist and her life. I recommend watching it before touring the museum.
Group of people captivated by Frida Kahlo Museum in Mexico, attentively watching TV display showcasing her remarkable art and life.

Where Is the Frida Kahlo Museum?

The Frida Kahlo Museum is located in the picturesque neighborhood of Coyoacán where Frida Kahlo lived. It’s located approximately 30 minutes south of the city center by car (map location).

How to Get to Frida Kahlo Museum

The easiest way to get to the Frida Kahlo Museum is to take an Uber. If you are experienced with the Metro in Mexico City, that is another option. You can take the yellow Metro Line 3 to Coyoacán Station and then walk 20 minutes to the museum or take an Uber from there.

Entrance gate to Museo Frida Kahlo in Mexico with prominent 'Museo Frida Kahlo' signage

Frida Kahlo Museum Hours

The Frida Kahlo Museum is open from 10:30 am to 6 pm. The exception is on Wednesday when the museum opens at 11 am. Like most museums in Mexico City,  Casa Azul is closed on Mondays. Keep in mind you need to arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled time to get in line.

While the time slots are 15 minutes, you are allowed to explore Frida Kahlo House as long as you’d like. I recommend spending about 2 hours here if you want to see everything.

Best Time to Visit

The best time to visit the Frida Kahlo Museum is in the morning because it allows you to take your time to explore Coyoacan and other areas of the city on the same day. 

While the morning tours sell out first, you can often get tickets on Tiquets for 10:30 am. The best day to visit is during the week. Not only are tickets less expensive, but there are typically fewer people.

Frida Kahlo Museum, known as the 'Blue House' with lush gardens surrounding the iconic artist's former residence.

Final Thoughts on Tickets to Frida Kahlo Museum

If you want to visit Frida’s Blue House, there are multiple ways to get tickets to the Frida Kahlo Museum. Just keep in mind you may need to be flexible with your schedule and plan around it.

FAQ About Casa Azul (Frida Kahlo House)

Is it worth going to the Frida Kahlo Museum?

Absolutely! The Frida Kahlo Museum, also known as Casa Azul, offers a unique and immersive experience into the life and art of Frida Kahlo. It provides valuable insights into her creative process, personal struggles, and cultural significance. For art enthusiasts and Frida Kahlo lovers, visiting Casa Azul is a must-do experience.

How much does it cost to get into the Frida Kahlo Museum?

The Frida Kahlo museum costs 250 MXN Tuesdays – Fridays and 270 MXN on Saturdays and Sundays. If you decide to book a Frida Kahlo Museum tour that includes tickets, the price will vary based on the included activities.

Do you need to book Frida Kahlo Museum in advance?

It’s highly recommended to purchase your tickets in advance. If you don’t, you may find that the Frida Kahlo Museum tickets are sold out or not available at your desired time. Although if this is the case, there are other options.

How long does it take to go through the Frida Kahlo Museum?

On average, it takes 1.5 to 2 hours to visit the museum. This time frame allows you to leisurely explore the museum exhibits, including Kahlo’s artwork, personal belongings, and the surrounding gardens.