21 Best Restaurants in Zihuatanejo Mexico in 2024

Looking for where to eat in Zihuatanjeo Mexico? I’ve got you covered.

Eating out while traveling is a highlight for me. So you can imagine I sought out the best restaurants in Zihuatanejo during my two weeks in the area.

And what I discovered is there are a lot of places to eat in Zihuatanejo which can make deciding where a little difficult. And I was surprised how many beach bars and restaurants in Zihuatanejo with a view had great food.

I’ve highlighted the top restaurants from seafood to vegan food. As well as a section for the best breakfast in Zihuatanejo. If you prefer you can use the table of contents to move around those sections.

An inviting outdoor seating arrangement at a beachfront restaurant in Zihuatanejo, overlooking the scenic bay with tables set for a high end dining experience at one of the best restaurants in Zihuatanejo.

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Quite a few of these first restaurants are located along the canal in La Madera, one of my favorite places to stay in Zihuatanejo.

Many are family run restaurant with an outdoor seating area along the quiet street. While these may not be restaurants with a view, many have created a beautiful setting to dine.

1. La Gula

Map Location

The name, which translates to gluttony, beautifully reflects this Zihuatanejo restaurant. 

The menu focuses on Mexican flavors and techniques. But to bring out the gluttony, the dishes are blended with influences from other cuisines without being overpowering.

A great example is the mahi mahi and shrimp trio served over risotto with squash blossoms, epazote, and a touch of mezcal.

There are more than a dozen main dishes, mostly a mix of fish and beef, to choose from. And your choice of wine or cocktails to pair with your meal.

La Gula offers a fine dining experience for a special night out.

2. Restaurant El Arrayan

Map Location

An inviting outdoor seating area at El Arrayán restaurant in Zihuatanejo, with string lights twinkling among the trees and plants, creating a cozy atmosphere. The tables are set with red and white tablecloths, ready for diners, against the backdrop of a warmly lit white wall adorned with a TripAdvisor certificate of excellence banner.

The beauty of this family run restaurant in Zihuatanejo comes from the charcoal grill that the owner, Mauricio, executes outside. Fresh fish, shrimp, chicken, steak, and the passion that he puts into his cooking emanate from the grill.

It’s a beautiful set up. The bar and prep station is set up in the lower level of his house while the seating is across the street in the cutest patio surrounded by trees and strung with lights.

In between the two is the grill and where the magic happens. The main dishes are served with your choice of two sides. The menu also includes a handful of appetizers and salads as well as tacos and pasta.

Keep in mind, they only accept cash.

3. Cenaduría Ricomar

Map Location

An outdoor restaurant in Zihuatanejo with colorful papel picado streamers, blue and white striped tablecloths, and potted plants creating a welcoming atmosphere for casual dining.

Along this alleyway in centro you’ll find several cenadurías (dinner restaurants). Cenaduría Ricomar on the corner caught my eye for its cross breeze and fabulous reviews of its pozole.

One of the best things to do in Zihuatanejo is to eat a bowl of pozole on Thursdays, a tradition in the state of Guerrero. Although at Cenaduría Ricomar you can order pozole every day. 

Most restaurants have an option for chicken, pork, or mixed. And I’ve also seen seafood pozole along the coast.

A soup bowl of green pozole, filled with shredded pork and is served alongside shredded cabbage, diced onion, and tostadas, and chicharron in a restaurant in Zihuatanejo, Guerrero.

Pozole is served with shredded cabbage, onion, lime, and a piece of chicharrón on the side. Herbaceous green pozole is the most popular in Guerrero and this restaurant doesn’t disappoint.

4. Angustina Mezcal & Cocina

Map Location

If you’re looking for what to eat in Zihuatanejo but want something a little different, take a seat at Angustina Mezcal & Cocina. This fine dining restaurant features an intriguing menu of beautifully plated dishes.

The menu goes beyond fresh seafood to include dishes such as chamorro de cerdo, slow cooked pork shank. Their use of unique ingredients, such as huitlacoche (aka corn smut), pulls from the long traditions of Mexican food.

And then there are their housemade cocktails which feature mezcal, one of the most trending spirits (and for good reason!). Mezcal is one of the cleanest liquors you can drink.

5. Casanova’s Restaurant Bar

Map Location

The glowing sign of 'Casanovas' stands out against the evening sky at this top restaurant in Zihuatanejo. Several tables with tablecloths are outside, in front of a fan.

This small outdoor restaurant is another great place to eat in Zihuatanejo along Calle Adelita in La Madera. It’s known for fresh fish, shrimp, and more uniquely, its avocado pie for dessert.

I ordered the whole fish which was perfectly cooked and served with rice and steamed vegetables. Casanova’s is a solid restaurant that still feels very Mexican. 

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Best Places for Breakfast in Zihuatanejo

One of the most asked questions I saw among other travelers – where is the best breakfast in Zihuatanejo? And let me tell you, this vacation destination does not disappoint.

I visited some of the top Zihuatanejo breakfast restaurants during my stay. Here are my favorites.

6. La Terracita

Map Location

At La Terracita, one of the best restaurants for breakfast in Zihuatanejo, a plate of enchiladas is served on a vibrant green plate. The enchiladas are generously topped with a bright red sauce, drizzled with white cream, and sprinkled with fresh cheese. Shredded lettuce and red onion slices adorn the top, adding a pop of color.

Tucked into the hillside on Playa La Madera, La Terracita is a top Zihuatanejo breakfast spot. Not only do the ocean views create a pleasant atmosphere, but the food is great as well.

The menu features a variety of enchiladas, including a vegetarian version with carrots and potatoes, a style that originates in Huasteca Potosina. And there are a variety of juice blends to start your days off right.

I ordered a different enchilada plate which was flavorful. Although it wasn’t quite spicy enough for my taste, that was easily remedied with the salsa on the table.

Overall, La Terracita is a solid place for breakfast in Zihuatanejo with a stunning view. It’s best to access it via the Paseo del Pescador and then climb the flight of stairs to the top.

7. Carmelitas Café

Map Location

When I asked about the best breakfast in Zihuatanejo, many people mentioned Carmelitas as one of their favorites. And I can see why for the atmosphere alone.

Located in downtown Zihuatanejo, its patio garden setting feels like an oasis.

A patio setting surrounded by tropical plants in a Zihuatanejo breakfast restaurant, with wooden furniture and colorful table settings,.

The breakfast menu features a few items that are classic in the region such as requesón guisado and aporreadillo. The latter being a food from Michoacán as well, the neighboring state.

The lunch menu (which I was told was also available) has a lot of the same dishes with the addition of fresh seafood.

If you want to try multiple items, you can order half orders at a slightly higher rate – something that shows their passion for sharing the food of the region.

8. Margaritas Zihuatanejo Restaurant

Map Location

A traditional Mexican breakfast of chilaquiles topped with two sunny-side-up eggs and crumbled cheese, accompanied by a side of beans, served with a refreshing glass of green juice, in a cozy Zihuatanejo restaurant.

Located in La Madera, Margaritas is another favorite Zihuatanejo breakfast restaurant. The seating includes a breezy covered area decorated with portraits of Guerrero residents and a small garden area.

The menu includes chilaquiles, enchiladas, huevos rancheros and other typical breakfast dishes. It also includes local dishes such as aporreadillo, enchiladas costeños, and barbacoa.

And there are a variety of fresh juices, coffee, and hot chocolate to pair with your breakfast.

9. Cuattro Cycle Coffee & Tea

Map Location

A cappuccino in a white mug with a heart shaped decoration sits on a placemat at a Zihuatanejo cafe.

If you are looking for a place to eat breakfast in Zihuatanejo and get a break from the heat, this bicycle themed cafe (with AC) might be your place.

Breakfast of chilaquiles, enchiladas, huevos rancheros, and other dishes are served until 1 pm before they switch over to a less interesting lunch menu. And they have a full menu of caffeinated drinks, a wide selection of tea, and fresh juices to match. 

La Ropa Zihuatanejo Restaurants

Playa La Ropa is considered one of the best beaches in Zihuatanejo. But which restaurants in La Ropa also have delicious food? The answer is below.

During sunset, light waves come to shore on La Ropa Beach Zihuatanejo. The setting sun casts a golden tone onto the clouds and beach while silhouetting the mountain in the background.

10. Tritón

Map Location

Tritón is one of the best restaurants in La Ropa. Its beach location allows you to have dinner with your toes in the sand and a gorgeous sunset view. To top it off, they often have live music at night.

Highlights of the menu include the bone marrow and octopus taco, tuna tataki, and the catch of the day. And I can attest, they have some of the best margaritas on the beach!

11. Sr. Aguachile

Map Location

When a restaurant includes its speciality in the name, there’s no question what you should order. If you like ceviche and spicy food, you’ll love aguachile.

It’s one of my favorite seafood dishes in Mexico. Similar to ceviche, the shrimp are cooked in a base of citrus but with the addition of chiles. My favorite is the classic aguachile verde.

In addition to red, green, and black aguachile the menu includes a variety of tacos and tostadas with tuna, octopus, and shrimp as well as a selection of ceviche.

This small seafood restaurant is located across from the dolphin statue in La Ropa. It has some of the freshest seafood in the area, which is key when the majority of what you serve is raw.

12. Murmullo – Thai Restaurant

Map Location

A vibrant bowl of Pad Thai topped with a seared tuna steak, fresh basil, and a decorative star fruit slice, served at a restaurant in Zihuatanejo.

This La Ropa restaurant looks like any other along the beach. But the menu comes with a surprising twist of Thai food alongside fresh seafood dishes.

Now, I’m going to start with a caveat. Thai food in Latin America is rarely very authentic. As long as you go in with that expectation, you should enjoy this restaurant.

I think where El Murmullo shines is in its various curry bowls that get rave reviews. I was torn between green papaya salad and Pad Thai. When they told me the fish could be fresh tuna filet, it sold me on Pad Thai.

Other than the perfectly cooked tuna, the plate looked rather bland when it arrived at the table. But I tossed the noodles and added some chili sauce and both elevated the dish.

If you prefer not to eat on the beach there is a dining area with fans in the back near the pool.

13. El Suspiro – La Ropa Views

Map Location

Located on the cliffside overlooking the bay between La Ropa and Las Gatas, this is one of the best restaurants in Zihuatanejo with a view.

El Suspiro is part of Pacífica Grand Resort, so the menu isn’t your typical Mexican fare. It includes fresh seafood, a selection of pastas, and a few fine cuts of beef. You’ll also find classic appetizers such as calamari, beef carpaccio, and tuna tartar.

If you’re celebrating a special occasion or want to have a romantic night, make reservations at El Suspiro for sunset.

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Other Restaurants in Zihuatanejo with a View

I often seek out a restaurant with a view to enhance the meal. So I’ve highlighted a few other top picks.

14. Bistro del Mar by Estoril

Map Location

A plate of fresh tuna sashimi, elegantly arranged with slices of cucumber and diced red onion, served with soy sauce and a garnish of ginger, presented on a white plate with a basket of bread rolls in the background at a fine dining restaurant in Zihuatanejo

Bistro del Mar is a fine dining restaurant located directly on Madera Beach. It’s part of Aura del Mar hotel, one of my top picks in Zihuatanejo.

I love that you can choose to sit at a white tablecloth or under the palapas with your toes in the sand. And the wide-open beach view from the restaurant is amazing.

The menu includes your typical mix of fresh fish, seafood and meat dishes, and pasta. I ordered the tuna sashimi which was incredibly fresh and served with nose watering wasabi. The margaritas were spot on as well.

This is one of the classiest Zihuatanejo restaurants on the beach that I found during my two weeks in the area.

15. Restaurante “El Viejo” en el Capricho del Rey

Map Location

Patrons dine at a cozy, open-air Zihuatanejo restaurant with a view of the bay, where boats are anchored in the water. The setting is rustic with wooden furniture and a wooden roof, accented with potted plants.

If you’re at Playa La Ropa, you should come here for the views and stay for the incredible food. Restaurante El Viejo is located down a dirt road towards Playa Las Gatas.

It features a few wooden tables with incredible views of Zihuatanejo Bay. And a menu of delicious food to match.

It features fresh seafood in a variety of preparations including adobado, ajillo, garlic, and a variety of raw preparations that go beyond tiritas and ceviche.

Tuna is another specialty of this restaurant with preparations such as carpaccio, sashimi, and a cooked tuna medallion.

16. Restaurante La Tejita

Map Location

From the Paseo del Pescador, take the stairs up to this Zihuatanejo restaurant with a view overlooking the bay.

The menu features seafood and meat dishes, some of which use ingredients I didn’t see in other restaurants, such as huitlacoche and nopales. Plus diners receive a free shot of mezcal after dinner.

La Tejita is also open for breakfast and the plates look traditional and delicious.

17. Lety’s Restaurant

Map Location

Exterior view of Lety's Restaurant in Zihuatanejo, Mexico, showcasing its vibrant orange facade and second-story dining terrace adorned with colorful banners. The corner setting is accentuated by an intricate web of power lines against a clear blue sky.

This seafood restaurant in Zihuatanejo is known for coconut shrimp which many claim to be the best they’ve ever eaten.

Another menu highlight for seafood lovers is the chile relleno which takes a special twist as it’s stuffed with a mix of seafood.

Located in La Madera, Lety’s Restaurant is a place to eat seafood that’s slightly off the beaten path.

18. Fonda Doña Licha – Great Place for Lunch

Map Location

A plate of traditional Mexican stew served with rice and vegetables, presented on a white plate against the bright red table of an affordable place to eat lunch in Zihuatanejo.

This large, airy restaurant in centro is an affordable place to eat lunch in Zihuatanejo. They offer a menu del día, as the menu states “diferentes guisados todos los dias,” (different dishes everyday).

The regular menu also includes breakfast, classic Mexican dishes, and specialties of the house such as cecina from Yecapixtla. And on Sundays they serve specialties such as pancita, barbacoa de res, and beef tongue en estofado.

I found it odd that the menu of the day doesn’t include a drink (a first for me in Mexico!) but it’s still a budget restaurant in Zihuatanejo.

19. El Duke Fish & Chips

Map Location

A classic plate of fish and chips in Zihuatanejo are served in a red and white checkered basket, with onion rings and a side of lime. On the table are bottles of tartar sauce and malt vinegar.

Sure Mexico has its breaded fish, Baja style. But Zihuatanejo has fish and chips, English style. I find Baja style fish to be a bit heavy on the breading, so I was excited to find El Duke.

This cute patio restaurant was started by an English-Mexican couple. It’s located in Playa La Madera with a patio decorated with the charms of the UK, including bathrooms labeled for Kings and Queens.

Now, about the food. I was given two fish options – Vela (Sailfish) and Dorado (Mahi Mahi). After speaking with the chef, I chose Vela for its flavor. But my fish lacked flavor which I later decided was a lack of seasoning, which could have been as simple as more salt.

So why am I still including it? There are a lot of foreigners in Zihuatanejo that get excited about El Duke Fish and Chips, so I think it will appeal to others. And perhaps I hit them on a bad day.

One thing they do get right is the tartar sauce and malt vinegar, both of which are brought to your table before the food arrives.

Zihuatanejo Vegan Food

There are a few vegan restaurants in Zihuatanejo centro. I’ve included two of the best below.

20. Vegan Ruby

Map Location

Vegan Ruby stands out as an affordable vegan restaurant in Zihuatanejo. Their dishes are simple, often Mexican classics in a vegan version.

They also offer a menu del dia that includes an entree, main dish, dessert, and flavored water for a very affordable price. And for dinner, the small menu expands to include a lentil burrito and vegan milanesa sandwich.

21. Vegano Entre Zankas

Map Location

At this restaurant in Zihuatanejo, vegan enmoladas are topped with shredded lettuce, vegan cheese, and fresh avocado. The plate is served with a side of beans and a side of guacamole,

This popular restaurant is a great spot for vegan food in Zihuatanejo. But it will appeal to both vegans and carnivores as it offers a range of dishes.

One menu is strictly vegan while the other has a handful of vegetarian options and quite a few meat options, starting with steak and eggs for breakfast.

Most of the vegan options take classic Mexican dishes and slightly modify them with the use of mushrooms or a seed chorizo. Even though I’m not vegan, I appreciate when a restaurant has the creativity to go beyond using soy products.

Final Thoughts on Zihuatanejo Restaurants

As you can see, there’s more places to eat in Zihuatanejo than beachside seafood restaurants.

What surprised me the most was the vegan food in Zihuatanejo as well as the lack of street tacos. But either I wasn’t out late enough or they are in the surrounding neighborhoods.

Regardless, I hope this list helps you discover the best restaurants in Zihuatanejo.